Tuesday, March 23, 2010

The "Shampoo Myth Comes Clean"

Ever since I can remember I have been on the search for that "miracle hair product" ... the one that will leave your tresses looking healthy, shiny, and manageable. You know... that product that will make your hair feel like silk to the touch, the one that will give you the experience the ladies feel in the Herbal Essences commercials. I'm not so sure I have found it yet... but on the journey to it I have found a few great products that are wallet friendly.

It is rumored that your hair can get "used to" certain shampoos and conditioners and therefore you should switch up which ones you use every now and then. I was reading my "Prevention Magazine" (one of the bold fonts was "walk that belly off" and after having a baby, that's something I need to do so I purchased it, lol) and found that only 33% of people stick to the same shampoo brand. I know I'm not apart of that percentage. The truth is that your hair cannot get "used to" any product because hair is dead, which leaves it unable to adapt. But there are certain shampoo's that work better for different things... such as if you color your hair you may need a shampoo that is more moisturizing, or sometimes your scalp may need a clarifying shampoo to clean out any products your strands are holding on to.

With this being said I went to Wal Mart last night and picked out some new hair products! Lol. ;)

On first impression I am very satisfied with my new Garnier hair care products. They left my curls feeling very soft. I got the feeling of a squeaky clean scalp with the shampoo. The deep conditioner that is supposed to be great for dry hair & it really did make it easier for the comb to slide through my otherwise tangly hair. I used the leave in conditioner and wave enhancing spray after wards and i love how they are working for my hair so far too. They all smell wonderful to me as well.

The best thing is these products were about $2.75 each. I have tried Redken, Chi, Tigi, Mizani and other more expensive brands, but honestly for my hair, the cheap stuff works just as well if not better.

A close up of my natural curls after using these products:

What are your favorite hair products?


  1. I LOVE Garnier Leave In Conditiong Cream. It completely healed my fried hair.

  2. thanks!!

    and i do too, i have used it once before i just got this new one and I found it worked good then

  3. you are absolutely right about hair products adapting to your hair - i never understood why people said my hair is getting use to a product, i should change it - uhh you want to change not your hair! anyway you make me miss my thick afro hair! your curls are beautiful and good luck with finding the correct products for your hair. I love aussie moist, ultra black hair & neutrogena hair products

  4. very nice, im on the look out for good curl products soo thnx for info

  5. I tried Garnier Fructis a loooong time ago. I might give them a try again. I'm half black/ half white and my hair IS VERY DRY. Most of the time I will use a line but still have to put a thick, creme moisturizer on.

    Did you ever feel that way? And if so, Do you not feel like it is necessary anymore?

  6. Val, i'm half black half white too... hence the "mulatta" in my blogger name... but my hair isn't like extremely dry, although it can be just depending on how I care for it...

    here take a look at this site, she really helped me out with all her info and pictures..


    she is amazing

  7. Also i wouldn't use a thick creme moisturizer on my hair, i did think at one time that i may need those types of products but they actually just weigh down the hair and makes it even drier once the creme drys.

  8. I looooove your curls, I use Aussies 3 minute miracle and it does miracles, been using for 6+ years :)

  9. Luv your blog! I was just reading an article about how products themselves can't restore or repair your hair, because your hair is dead. I found that very interesting being that we will spend lots of money on our hair for great results. I luv your curls, beautiful! I am using the Pantene Naturals, shampoo and conditioner and it seems to work ok. Curly hair requires lots of moisture, so that's what I am most concerned about. Thanks for sharing. :)

  10. The 3 Min Undo is absolutely AMAZING!!! My absolute favorite product right now.

  11. Your hair is very similiar to mine. I also have natural curly hair. I used Tresemme but now I am going to try out the Garnier Fructis. lol! I used to use it and loved it... Going back to this brand.