Friday, April 15, 2011

hello beautiful's.

just wanted to do a post to let everyone know i'm still kickin' lol.

I have just been extremely busy with school and life. But I'm hoping I can start back blogging now, I have ton's of new goodies to share and review.

Oh yeah, got a new tattoo 2 weeks ago! It's Rihanna inspired, my roman numerals translate into my daughters birthday. Speaking of my lil one, she is getting soooo big, throwing temper tantrums and everything >:o She's the cutest though.

so there's my new tat, kinda hard to see fully in this picture, but I love it! It didn't hurt at all and only took the artist about 15 minutes to finish everything.

my monster. lol

Talk soon,

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Revlon Lipstick [Crimson]

A few days ago I wore this lipstick out. It's Revlon's "Crimson". I bought it because I saw an ad for the lipsticks with Jessica Alba wearing the same shade and thought it was a beautiful deep red.

out that night wearing the lipstick. (below)
the flash makes it look somewhat brighter... in reality it's a little deeper as seen in the pictures above.

Hope you liked
xoxo ♥