Friday, April 15, 2011

hello beautiful's.

just wanted to do a post to let everyone know i'm still kickin' lol.

I have just been extremely busy with school and life. But I'm hoping I can start back blogging now, I have ton's of new goodies to share and review.

Oh yeah, got a new tattoo 2 weeks ago! It's Rihanna inspired, my roman numerals translate into my daughters birthday. Speaking of my lil one, she is getting soooo big, throwing temper tantrums and everything >:o She's the cutest though.

so there's my new tat, kinda hard to see fully in this picture, but I love it! It didn't hurt at all and only took the artist about 15 minutes to finish everything.

my monster. lol

Talk soon,


  1. The tattoo is so cute and so is your little one!

  2. Tattoo is cute and so is your daughter.

  3. Love the tattoo! I want one to do with my children but i'm kinda chicken to actually go through with it! Your daughter is such a cutie! Happy ur back!

  4. i actually really like your tat!! your lil monster is soooo cute!

    i love that pic of you, gorgeous!!!

    good luck with school!!

  5. i like tattoo
    add my blog