Thursday, March 25, 2010

Quick Post - ELF @ Target!

Thanks to the lovely Miss P I was delightfully informed that Target is now carrying more ELF products, even some from their studio line. Since I live pretty close to a Target, I had to go check it out asap (aka) the next day lol.

I picked up their Studio Powder brush, the studio blushing and bronzing duo, a shimmering facial whip, and one luscious liquid lipstick. I tried them all out yesterday afternoon and I must say I am really impressed! These products are so wallet friendly and I really feel like the things I bought are quality things that didn't break the bank. I will do a FOTD soon using the products.

The blush from this duo would honestly look great on any skin tone. I know this is supposed to be somewhat similar to the NARS duo that everyone loves (i have yet to try that one, but have stared at it plenty in Sephora) and now I can see why so many people would love shades like these.

The shimmering facial whip I bought is in the color "Toasted". So far I really like this, i only used it on my cheekbones, but you are supposed to be able to apply it pretty much anywhere. It worked as a nice highlighter and did give that pretty "dewy" look. Only 1 buck!

The luscious liquid lipstick I bought is in the color "Pink Lemonade". This is another color that I think would look great on any skin tone, especially those that have fair skin. When applying these you get a tingly sensation like you would if you had put on burts bee's lip balm. Very nice. They also smell kinda minty. I really loved this, it wasn't really sticky at all and made my lips feel smooth and moisturized. Again only 1 buck.

The studio powder brush is a little smaller than I thought it would be after seeing the online pictures from the ELF site, but i still really like it, the handle is nice and sturdy... and overall it does the job.

So go check out your local Target. I think these ELF products are a great buy considering the price.


  1. I don't think I have Pink Lemonade yet, I'll have to pick it up next time!

  2. e.l.f. is still not at my Target. :(

  3. The blush brush is perfect for me, I have a smaller adding bronzer to the outer lining of my face and sides of my nose and contouring my cheeks is easier.

    I went to Target last night and they had a HUGE section for Studio and regular line, I think there's more Studio than the $1 line at my target.

    I do love that duo, I use it quite often!

    Really awesome pics! I am never home for sunlight pictures! :(

  4. @ ann - you should! i mean the shade is somewhat sheer but if you used this product before you know what i mean, i really love it... i'll buy more since it was only $1 i think that's a steal.

    @ rai - awwwhhh! they should be :/ strange.

    @ J- i love the blush so far! i may try contouring the outer lining of my face too, great idea. it is a really nice brush for only 3 bucks... i may have to go back to my target to try some more of their line.. particularly the studio blushes. I don't really have too many blushes in my makeup collection

    I LOVE taking my pictures outside now... such a difference, and i don't have to use flash.. which is great since usually the flash causes the glare.

  5. i use that blush brush everyday! haha

    and i love the shimmering facial whips but they start separating after several months. :[

  6. Great reviews! I am definitely going to try the facial whip and blush!

  7. I've never seen ELF at my target, but I'm gunna go check later today! xo

  8. Oh pretty colors! Cute blog tooooo. :)

  9. I've been meaning to try elf products because I've heard good things about them, but I don't think I've been to a store that actually sells it. I'll make sure to check out my target whenever I go. I'm also mad that I spent way too much money on my NARS duo when the elf one looks exactly like it! Lol

  10. Oh now I wish they had Elf in Canada. I have the NARS Orgasm blush and I love it. This duo looks similar actually

  11. This is so exciting.I just love target. those are some great buys.

  12. ooh I need to get over to target asap! I love ELF products! That blush combo is amazing! Thanks for the heads up doll! xoxo

  13. You are too gorgeous! I just bought that bronzing/blush duo thing a couple days ago and I cannot to see how it works!
    xxoxo Jenna

  14. I hope to see posts on the Studio Blushes! Miss P did one and it looks so great on her!! I need to buy some (my Target has them)...maybe next month or in August, I've gone way over budget recently, no more shopping!! But how do I say no to $3...oiii vey!

    I hope you tried contouring around you face, I look a million times better that way!