Wednesday, March 10, 2010

China Glaze, NOTD

This week I have been on spring break and so far it has been somewhat boring.. we have had beautiful weather the last two days though , sunny... not too hot.. not cold... sound like spring? Spring is my favorite time of the year... its not hell hot and you don't have to wrap up with heavy layers of clothes. Goodbye Winter, won't miss you.

I picked up two China Glaze nail polishes the other day. I picked out Ruby Pumps because I saw someone else blog about it and thought it was a beautiful color. Overall now that I have it and wore it I think it's just OK. It's not as vibrant as I thought it'd be.

I also got Caribbean Temptation. This color reminds me of my favorite NYX lip gloss African Queen. They have the same kinda thing going on as far as the pink, purple and blue hues.

I think tonight I'll read this cosmo magazine I picked up and watch some Netflix... tomorrow I should be getting season 4 of Weeds in... I love that show... I finally get to catch up with what I haven't seen. Now I need Desperate Housewives season 6 to come out on Netflix!


  1. i need to pick up cosmo
    nice nail polishes :)

  2. I love China Glaze, Ive used those for a long time, didnt know it was popular! I def have to read that mag, I love Lady GaGa

  3. Ruby pumps is one of my favorite colors, and I love the pink one, so cute and summery! I won't be missing winter either :)

    ps; the black booties that you asked about on my blog post are by Blowfish and I found them on ! :)

  4. Love the nail colors!! I got the gaga magazine in the mail last week...still haven't read it!!

    I just received a dvd from netflix too, (Mad Men season 1).

  5. I love the pink! I just painted my toes a similar color, I'm ready for sandals!! xoxo

  6. I luv China Glaze Colors! I like #708 It doesn't say a color. I am ready for summer to try out more colors for pedi's