Wednesday, March 31, 2010

April Showers .. bring May Flowers

Two favorites. Bare Minerals Powder Foundation has always been one of my favorite go to foundations... it gives a pretty natural coverage. I also have been using this blush regularly this past month. It is Covergirl & Olay Simply Ageless creme blush in Plush Peach. The brush is a Sonia Kashuk powder brush.

Maybelline Color Sensational Peachy Scene Lipstick; MAC Lustreglass Pinkarat lipgloss. I love these two together... soo pretty :)

>>> Today I brought boxes out of my storage of years past spring and summer clothes. Since I was pregnant last summer, I didn't get the chance to wear any of them, nor did I even look at them... ha. So now when I see them I feel like I have a whole new wardrobe of pretty clothes :) .... Only problem is I can't fit into them :( Size two to size 4 dresses... small tops... size 3-5 jeans... all too small :/ I now have hips ... as well as flab I need to lose. I am determined to lose the weight to fit into my old clothes again. I had a couple of girlfriends comment on my facebook status I made about it, one recommended i try the master cleanse diet... I'm going to research that.

This is my new bikini I bought recently from Target. It is going to be one of my motivations to tone up... ;)


  1. I feel u. I had a 9 lb baby in Aug. I think I am going to look up that diet as well. Cute bathing suit.

  2. Yeah, my little girl was 8 lbs 14 oz... not far from 9lbs!

  3. By seeing your pics I would have never thought U had any children you look great! but yet that bikini you picked up is gorgeous, It would motivate anyone!

  4. cute new header pic!

    so how do you like the mineral makeup? i've been wanting to try it, i'm just not sure about coverage!

  5. Love the song on your page!! hehe. I can never hear music at work cause my speakers are low, but I'm at home today and totally grooving to your music! hehe
    anyways, love that bikini!! I like how it's leopard print on the inside!!

  6. thanks everyone!

    @sandra- lol i try not too look like a "mom" ... hehe

    @tiff- i love it. thats my second jar of it actually... you should try it! they offer starter kits that are reasonably priced as well.

    @ kimber- lol thanks. she has great dance music :)

  7. You look gorgeous in those pictures, I'm loving the lip combo, and the blush looks really great on you as well! I love that bikini, it's adorable... I really need to tone up my flabiness... but I'm sooooooo lazy! Ugh! lol xo

  8. i love that bikini! target is the best place for swimsuits! if you are ever bored check out my blog

  9. this is going to sound really silly, but thank you so much for showing me the inside of that dang CG blush! i just didn't understand it. so is the white swirl a cream? i never catch the cg sales and always want to buy it lol!

  10. i think the white part is the Olay part of the blush... i'm assuming it's supposed to make the blush even creamier and easier to blend as well as look even better on your skin. you should try one of them! :)