Tuesday, March 23, 2010

New buys and a few photo's ♥

Studio Secrets™ Professional Magic Perfecting Base

This base is supposed to reduce the appearance of pores and fine lines. The product claims to provide a flawless matte finish that makes your skin look smooth and resurfaced. I have only used this "magic base" a few times since a bought it... so far I honestly am not sure if I really am finding it useful. It doesn't really make my makeup look any different than it does when i just use my Cetaphil moisturizer. I will try it a few more times though. It does feel incredibly velvety and smooth though to the touch.

I also bought a few new LASplash pigments: Russet and Lovely. Russet is a pretty brown with gold shimmer/reflects pigment, and Lovely feels more like chunky glitter to the touch. It is a pretty white with fluorescent pink; nice for highlight or inner corner, or for using over another shadow.

Here are a few pictures, the weather has been beautiful the last few days :)

Recent pictures of my princess

she just recently started being able to sit up by herself... she can only do it for a minute or two right now though without toppling over, hehe ;)


  1. Your girl is a doll! She already has perfect eyebrows! Good to know about the primer, I use the Smashbox one and it's pretty good. xoxo

  2. Beautiful pics!! I loooove your freckles! It gives you such character. :-)

    And I've said it once and I'll say it again...the baby is sooo precious!! I just want to pinch her chubby cheeks!

  3. I <3 your skin! What color are you in MAC JW? I always try to guess people's color haha. NC42 or NW30?

    My sister bought that primer not too long ago & I tried it.

    I just hate that you have to dip your finger in it. It is veryy smooth though. After using it 3 times...my skin became irritated.

    I use Ceptaphil Moisturizer & Facial wash too.

    Your daughter is adorable.

  4. @ taj acosta- thanks!! and yes she does lol... I may have to try the smashbox

    @miss p- thank you!! i'll pinch her cheeks for you lol.

    @molly - thank you! I'm an NC42... while at least that's what they told me when they matched me but I feel like its too yellow-ey for my skin. I may have to try the cetaphil face wash, my skin has been breaking out some... i'm not sure what it is though yet :(

  5. i tried a sample o that loreal base. interesting what you say about. maybe its not worth the buy.
    you are gorgeous i really love your makeup looks.
    && oh my gosh that baby how freeekin adorable!
    she is precious.<3333

  6. Beautufil pics & your daughter is too cute!

    http://makeupbykim-porter.com - New follower :o)

  7. The LA splash pigments look really really lovely :) ! And I love your outfit, especially the gray patent flats! Also, your daughter is SOOOOOOOOO CUTE!! I love the picture of her in the pink hat and little yellow dress! xo

  8. I passed the Cherry On Top Award to you! You can find the info here:

  9. If your looking for a good cheap primer, try Rimmel London's fix n' perfect, it's like $7 at walgreens.

    & I looove your outfit, pretty much something I'd wear, love the vest. I love vest, blazers, cardigans - anything to pair with plain tanks & whatnot.


  10. you have a new follower! :)) your blog is super cute. love the pics, the posts, the make up :)))) and i love your hair!! you must share your secret!! I too have curly hair but i'm not able to get it in place :/

  11. thanks!!!

    and thanks for the advice.

    miss vendella - i posted a link on your blog you may find useful

  12. I love these pics! Your lil girl is sooo cute, I wanna squeeze her!
    Where'd you get the LASplash?
    I have that same coach purse with the dark brown leather on the corners, I love it!
    Tinkerbell necklace is total cuteness!
    Sorry to hear the primer isn't all it's made out to be!

  13. @ j - thank you!!! lol she is my little angel. They have a whole selection of LASplash at ULTA, I have only tried the pigments though. I love my coach purse too.. unfortunately i don't use it often though because a lot of the times i'm too lazy to change purses.. ha...
    I may try the primer a few more times... it was like 12 bucks... i don't want it to be a total waste :( I'll read more up on it...

  14. i'm loving the loreal magic perfecting base stuff! i love your earrings and nude flats!!

  15. I received the primer in the mail last Friday and I've used it 3 times so far, I don't have an opinion just yet, so far, it feels useless...I'll keep using it to see the final outcome.

    I gotta try that LASplash @ Ulta! It's like 6 lights from my house, haha.

    Me too, I don't use that purse enough! I hate switching out purses...uber laziness!