Thursday, February 4, 2010

The last few days have been uneventful for me... we got ice and a little snow over the weekend... my parents usually babysit Kailei on the weekends for me when I work; Friday night my mom called me because Kailei wouldn't stop crying (and for her that's unusual), I was really worried and then Saturday she called me because Kailei was throwing up, it turns out that she had the stomach flu, which I happened to come down with on Monday and didn't feel better until Tuesday night. O.m.g. I don't see how I went through weeks of morning sickness... having the stomach flu was like a horrible flashback of what morning sickness was for me. I feel better now! Thank God. People get your flu shots, and always wash your hands... although some things we can't really prevent... I wash my hands so much that they have been looking pretty scaly lately :( ... anyway! Hope everyone is in good health.

>>Me playing around with colors when I was iced in, some earrings I picked up from forever 21, and then Kailei with her daddy/my fiance...


  1. Awww you have such a cute family!! The baby is too precious!

    You did a great job on your makeup and eyes! I wish I was a little more willing to try some color on my eyes. I'm so scared it's going to look silly on me! Lol

  2. my mom owns the 1st owl earrings too!, im not too big on owls though. Thanx for stopping by my page hun <3

  3. oh so cute family, love the pictures :)
    the earrings are gorgeous^^
    drey jewelry.