Friday, February 26, 2010

LASplash Cosmetics

Hello! So the other day while I was at Ulta I picked up two LASplash cosmetics pigments. At my Ulta they now have their own section (like Revlon, or Rimmel), so that's probably why they caught my eye... I notice when pretty much anything is added seeing as I go browsing there all the time! (hehe)

These pigments were BOGO 50% off... so I picked up Matrix (deep black) and Dragon Dust (Black with gold reflects/shimmer). I must say they are very nice! I'm definitely not disappointed with this purchase. They have a nice texture, very good color payoff, they are easy to work with, and there aren't big glitter pieces in dragon dust(I don't notice them to the touch).

I would recommend trying out this brand if you haven't already. If you already have, what was your experience? I may try out a few more of these if I notice any other great colors.

Wearing LASplash Pigment Matrix, NYX Jumbo Stick Pots and Pans (silver)


  1. i love dragon dust,I m gonna look for an eyeshadow similar to that one here, u should do a make up look using dragon dust!,,, The look that u did here using matrix, reminds me a bit oh Beyonces video phone video =)..
    Thanks for commenting hon... Eres Latina verdad?

  2. Np, I love all of your looks they are so creative! I think I will do a look using it when I find some inspiration. Lol, I kinda started off attempting a video phone look but then I forgot exactly how her's looked so I added my own twist. I'm actually black&white, but i get that Q a lot.

  3. Thanks love. thanks for your comment..
    I know that my bf well ex now. He is not a bad guy. I know that he didnt want to try this long distance at first already...I know it's hard. He said he has no feeling for me no more out of a sudden. This is hard...why does breaks up always have to be so hard

  4. These are lovely! I haven't tried this brand yet. Now I think I need to pick some of the products up.

  5. i love your eye look, im going to try that lol @ the dragon dust is BEAUUTIFULL! I love it it really does look like dragon dust lol

  6. pretty : )

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  7. @ Rai - you should try them! they are very nice to work with and great colors...

    @hollyrose - Thanks girly! lol the dragon dust is beautiful i have yet to use it for a look but i'm going to soon and when i do i'll post pix

    @jonesy - thanks ! will do

  8. i love ur make up... nice eye looK! beautiful!