Monday, February 22, 2010

EOTD, China Glaze, Etc.

So I've still been busy with school... and life in general but I thought I'd do a quick post although it's not really what I originally planned to post about...

Today I made a quick trip to Ulta before work and picked up three China Glaze polishes, L'oreal Paris Sublime Bronze self-tanning lotion in deep natural tan, and two LASplash eye pigments. I'll post about most of that stuff later but I did quickly apply one of the polishes I bought... so I thought I'd share that...

Also I had tried the self tanning lotion before, but I think the first time I tried it I had the medium tan, and that was a couple of years ago; but I do remember that it works. I don't mind getting VERY tan, as long as it's not going to harm my skin. I would recommend this product if your looking to gradually gain naturally tan looking skin. If you don't want your face looking shimmery, dont apply it to your face. The scent of the lotion is also nice.

Arroz Con Pollo I made the other day... gotta love spanish food.
Below I'm wearing salon perfect lashes #301 (they are just the outer corner ones.. don't they wing out perfectly?)

CG Laced Up... a pretty hot pink color. I got this color on Clearance/$3.99


  1. You know you can not post up pictures of food for little piggies like me because I get hungry just looking at it! Lol. That arroz con pollo looks delish! I love Spanish food too.

    I like the nail color on you. Fun and colorful.

  2. Lol, Spanish/Mexican foods are my fav! And thanks I love this nail color too... though that picture looks like a 5 year old painted them.. haha. It's a beautiful color on tan skin.

  3. what eye shadow are u wearing with those lashes? they look great!