Friday, January 29, 2010

Ulta, Target

Soo my day pretty much went class, Jason's Deli, Ulta, and Target.
I started putting rice cereal in Kailei's bottle last night... so far she seems to be doing pretty good on it. Today I fed her the rice cereal from the bowl and tried the stage 1 banana's from Gerber. She seemed to like the cereal, but when it came to the banana's she made the funniest little face at the taste... it was really cute though. I'm so excited to be starting her off on actual little baby foods. It's so cute, and fun. I went to Ulta this evening and picked up a few things, I had the 20% off the entire purchase coupon so that saved me a lot. Then afterwards I went to Target and got Kailei a cute onesie and a new scrap book since I got a bunch of pictures developed yesterday.

Beauty mirror, and close curves razor... I picked up from ulta above...Candle I got from Ulta that was on clearance ~ Guava Smoothie

Scrapbook Kit
3 OPI Nail polishes: You Don't Know Jacques (Matte), Venus Di Violet, a Natural nail base. I also got a NYX Mega Shine Lip Gloss#129, Smashbox brow tech wax, two nail buffers, and two Queen Helene Face products my sister had told me were really good... Oatmeal 'n honey Natural Face scrub, and Avocado & Grapfruit face masque.


  1. i really need a mirror like that.

  2. yay! OPI nailpolishes. :) my favorite.

  3. I love them too they go on so easy...

    @Jade yeah i used it the other day to do my makeup... the only thing i regret is not buying the one that comes with lighting on the mirror..

  4. awww she is soooo cute

    chubby babies <-- i love dem lol