Friday, January 8, 2010


So the last week of this wonderful break is ending. Ugh. I'm dreading classes on Monday, at first I thought I'd be excited but the more I think about how hectic everything will be since me and my fiance both work and are students and we'll have to flip bk and forth watching our daughter while the other is either in class... or at work... it sounds busy just writing it... I took classes this past semester, but luckily all of mine were online. I knew I wasn't going to be able to do classes on campus since I was due to deliver Kailei.

Life has changed sooo much.... in a great way though. My daughter is the love of my life. I will probably post a gazillion pictures of her on this blog. She is the sweetest baby ever, not too fussy, and really only cries when she is hungry. Not to mention she looks like an absolute doll baby. *sigh*

So... onto beauty! Today I didn't go anywhere... but I decided to do my makeup anyhow.... I used an Urban Decay eyeshadow palette... just played around with some of the colors... I'm not a pro at doing makeup by any means... I just recently fell in love with eyeshadow. In the past my makeup routine consisted of mineral foundation, fix+, blush, mascara, black pencil eyeliner, and bronzer. I had no idea what contouring, highlighting, primers, etc. were. I also didn't know that there were so many brushes that you actually need to apply everything the right way. Anyhow... here are swatches from the urban decay palette I bought for Christmas...

The colors are a little more vibrant in the picture above because my fingers were wet( bottom row of shadows above)
Top row of shadows... would be more vibrant over base.

Over all the shadows are really nice. I think my favorite colors out of the palette are midnight cowboy rides again, flash, and oil slick.

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