Thursday, January 7, 2010

a simple day...

Here's a picture of my daughter when we put her in her walker for the first time... :)

Classes start on Monday, and I feel like I'm ready for the new semester, a fresh start to make great grades. So after this semester, I'll have about 10 more classes I need before I can get my bachelors degree in Business Admin, and minor in Health Care MGMT. I'm so anxious to graduate... but then at the same time, nervous as well. With the recession still not fully underway, I'm afraid that I'll be one of those graduates with just a degree that's as good as any other piece of paper.

I almost bought one of those Maybelline quads today, velvet crush, but I decided to put it back and wait until I get paid next week and just go to Ulta. It's been a pretty laid back day. Overall I just spent the day playing with Kailei (my daughter)... oh yeah and me and my fiance went to Ruby Tuesdays. Which is one of our favorite places to eat ever since they started sending BOGO free coupons every week. I got the crab cake dinner, as always it was very good.

I still haven't got into the full swing of blogging, but I really enjoy it when I do, and I love reading other blogs as well. I feel like blogging will somehow improve my writing skills, so that's another good excuse to blog.... hehe.

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