Friday, January 29, 2010

Ulta, Target

Soo my day pretty much went class, Jason's Deli, Ulta, and Target.
I started putting rice cereal in Kailei's bottle last night... so far she seems to be doing pretty good on it. Today I fed her the rice cereal from the bowl and tried the stage 1 banana's from Gerber. She seemed to like the cereal, but when it came to the banana's she made the funniest little face at the taste... it was really cute though. I'm so excited to be starting her off on actual little baby foods. It's so cute, and fun. I went to Ulta this evening and picked up a few things, I had the 20% off the entire purchase coupon so that saved me a lot. Then afterwards I went to Target and got Kailei a cute onesie and a new scrap book since I got a bunch of pictures developed yesterday.

Beauty mirror, and close curves razor... I picked up from ulta above...Candle I got from Ulta that was on clearance ~ Guava Smoothie

Scrapbook Kit
3 OPI Nail polishes: You Don't Know Jacques (Matte), Venus Di Violet, a Natural nail base. I also got a NYX Mega Shine Lip Gloss#129, Smashbox brow tech wax, two nail buffers, and two Queen Helene Face products my sister had told me were really good... Oatmeal 'n honey Natural Face scrub, and Avocado & Grapfruit face masque.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

I have been so busy with school, taking care of my daughter, and life in general that I haven't really felt like blogging lately. I'm still waiting on the NYX Cosmetics i blogged about buying in my last post... but I'm sure the site was bombarded with sales so I'm not surprised.

I'm taking two health care management classes this semester a long with calculus. I love my health management classes.... whenever the teacher is very interesting it's not hard to like the subject... and anyway its dealing with health care a topic everyone should be aware of... so that makes it even more interesting.

I'm hoping to be able to go shopping soon! A new wardrobe is past due for me.

Me and baby girl had a mini photo shoot yesterday and today... oh yeah and I got her ears pierced the day before yesterday!

Sunday, January 17, 2010

NYX Cosmetics Sale

So... today I happened to find out that NYX Cosmetics was having a one dollar sale on their eyes, face, and lip products! $1 dollar! Usually I'm not one to buy makeup online if I could get it in the store... but I couldn't pass this up. The only thing is ... they get you with the shipping. The only shipping option was priority mail... with cost like $11.50 :( That was somewhat disappointing but I guess since the products were on such a great discount it kinda made it somewhat ok to have to pay that much. Sooo here's what I picked out. I can't wait to get them in the mail.

So... there's the stuff I picked..... Dark Brown/Brown Eyebrow duo, Shadows: skin, egg white, dolly pink, beanie, apricot moose, wild flower, creamy, 24 karet, mediterranean, and chai, and then for lip glosses: ginger sparkle, rose sparkle, plum sparkle... and then I also got the highlight from the highlight and contour set. All of these were 1$ each!

Thursday, January 14, 2010


Soooo I've started school... so far I really love my health care management classes... I have two, one on campus, one online... same teacher for both, and she's really cool so far! I've always hated math... but I had no other choice but to take calculus this semester in order to move on to my higher level courses I need to be able to graduate.... It's been so long since I have taken math I'm like y=mx+b what?? huh?? lol I feel like I've forgotten almost everything except simple multiplication, addition, etc.

Sooo... I've been watching a lot of makeup videos lately... I hope to practice some more looks soon and post pictures...

My baby girl is sick :( She has her first cold... I'm so sad!

Friday, January 8, 2010


So the last week of this wonderful break is ending. Ugh. I'm dreading classes on Monday, at first I thought I'd be excited but the more I think about how hectic everything will be since me and my fiance both work and are students and we'll have to flip bk and forth watching our daughter while the other is either in class... or at work... it sounds busy just writing it... I took classes this past semester, but luckily all of mine were online. I knew I wasn't going to be able to do classes on campus since I was due to deliver Kailei.

Life has changed sooo much.... in a great way though. My daughter is the love of my life. I will probably post a gazillion pictures of her on this blog. She is the sweetest baby ever, not too fussy, and really only cries when she is hungry. Not to mention she looks like an absolute doll baby. *sigh*

So... onto beauty! Today I didn't go anywhere... but I decided to do my makeup anyhow.... I used an Urban Decay eyeshadow palette... just played around with some of the colors... I'm not a pro at doing makeup by any means... I just recently fell in love with eyeshadow. In the past my makeup routine consisted of mineral foundation, fix+, blush, mascara, black pencil eyeliner, and bronzer. I had no idea what contouring, highlighting, primers, etc. were. I also didn't know that there were so many brushes that you actually need to apply everything the right way. Anyhow... here are swatches from the urban decay palette I bought for Christmas...

The colors are a little more vibrant in the picture above because my fingers were wet( bottom row of shadows above)
Top row of shadows... would be more vibrant over base.

Over all the shadows are really nice. I think my favorite colors out of the palette are midnight cowboy rides again, flash, and oil slick.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

a simple day...

Here's a picture of my daughter when we put her in her walker for the first time... :)

Classes start on Monday, and I feel like I'm ready for the new semester, a fresh start to make great grades. So after this semester, I'll have about 10 more classes I need before I can get my bachelors degree in Business Admin, and minor in Health Care MGMT. I'm so anxious to graduate... but then at the same time, nervous as well. With the recession still not fully underway, I'm afraid that I'll be one of those graduates with just a degree that's as good as any other piece of paper.

I almost bought one of those Maybelline quads today, velvet crush, but I decided to put it back and wait until I get paid next week and just go to Ulta. It's been a pretty laid back day. Overall I just spent the day playing with Kailei (my daughter)... oh yeah and me and my fiance went to Ruby Tuesdays. Which is one of our favorite places to eat ever since they started sending BOGO free coupons every week. I got the crab cake dinner, as always it was very good.

I still haven't got into the full swing of blogging, but I really enjoy it when I do, and I love reading other blogs as well. I feel like blogging will somehow improve my writing skills, so that's another good excuse to blog.... hehe.

Saturday, January 2, 2010


Hello Beauty lovers!

So this is my FIRST blog... I'm so excited. I have decided that 2010 will be the year that I stop procrastinating, and do the things I have been telling myself I want to do, but don't actually get around to doing them. For a long time I have been following various beauty gurus on youtube, and recently on blogspot. I'm hooked! So I figured, why not start up my own blog and post my reviews, hauls, feelings, thoughts on various issues, etc.

Some background info:

22 years young; mother; fiance; student; makeup lover, starting to get more into fashion as far as clothes and shoes, and defining my own personal style.

This is my beautiful little girl !