Thursday, April 8, 2010

Online ELF Order; Haul & Review

Hey lovely's.
I have yet another ELF haul to show you all (i promise this will be the last one for awhile!). I guess I've gone a little crazy purchasing from this brand recently... (first time from Target) but I can actually justify this purchase, not only is ELF Cosmetics cheap to begin with, I found a 50% off all studio products when you order online. You can't beat that! So here is my haul...

This kabuki brush is really nice for 3 bucks! I must admit I did think it would be bigger :/ This is like a mini kabuki... I placed it on my hand so that you could see its a little smaller than the size of my palm.

The ELF High Definition powder is somewhat hard for me to review at the moment. I'd have to use it more to really tell you the results. I will say that it is not very translucent so people who have tanner/darker skin... be careful!

I got two ELF Studio shadows... one is the color Sand Dollar, the other is Wild Wheat. The pigmentation on these is OK. Not the best, but not bad either. As with any other shadow maybe they can be enhanced with a primer/shade stick/applied wet.

The two blushes I got are in the shades Fuchsia Fusion and Mellow Mauve. In the packaging the Fuchsia Fusion is beautiful... it looks very pink and sparkly. They apply OK. You can build the color, the sparkles were not too much for me. Mellow Mauve is more matte.

Up next are the Complexion and Powder Brushes. These are not bad for 3 bucks! The complexion brush is still somewhat small for me to use as a powder brush for my mineral foundation. But I still think it's a great deal,and great for those who don't have many brushes. The powder brush not as round as it looked on the site. The only difference I see between these two is that the powder brush has a flat top. I thought it would have been more dense at the top.

This lip stain is in Birthday Suit. It is once again OK. I don't dislike it. I think I need to use it a few more times (along with everything else) to give my true verdict. I will say I found it applied best by putting a little clear gloss first, then the pigment gloss, and then a little more clear!

Here I tested the products out. I wasn't able to pick up way the blush really looked on with my camera very well... sorry!

I was given the beautiful blogger award by Taj Acosta. Thanks love!

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1. My favorite color is pink
2. I have read all seven Harry Potter books
3. I am a retired violinist
4. I am still best friends with my BFF's from middle and high school!
5. I hate scary movies. I don't watch them and turn my head when previews on TV come on. Lol (seriously though).
6. I've never been much of a party girl. But as I'm getting older I feel like I need to start going out more while I still have my youth.
7. Three years ago today I officially became apart of the first and finest black female Greek Sorority, Alpha Kappa Alpha Inc. We are the pretty ladies in pink and green.

(Sorority Picture... this was me two years ago, thank God I don't fry my hair anymore, now it's much longer & healthier)

I tag any of you beautiful lady's who haven't received the award yet and would like to do it!

Also If you haven't entered my giveaway yet, be sure to, two posts down! :)
Oh yah, if you want to use the ELF Studio 50% off discount code: EGSTUDZ


  1. I love ELF! I love how soft the Kabuki is and I have been wanting to try the blushes. They look really nice!

  2. I love your floral top you're wearing in the one picture, it's so cute!

    I've heard great things about the ELF studio brushes but I dunno... I'm waiting for them to have free shipping before i order anything...hopefully they will erm... someday lol xo

  3. adoreable! i love the chubby little brush, it's so cute. great post, and congrats on your award! =)

  4. I gave you a blog award, love reading your site! here is the link:

    Makeup Majesty

  5. The Blushes look amazing! You look great hun :)

  6. I have felt like this about most of the ELF makeup that I've purchased. It's just ok. I actually like the brushes - I think they are a great bargain.

    Well, don't you look pretty in your pink dress:-)

  7. the blushes look really pretty.. love your curly hair btw =]

    and about my brushes.. i love them.. i've had them for a lil over a year and they work great for the price.. although the deluxe crease brush has lost a few bristles but it's still 1 of my favs.

  8. Your hair is AMAZING!!! I don't have a Kabuki brush...I think I will buy one from them [as well as some other brushes]!

  9. @ Makeup Majesty - thanks hun, i'll check it out!

    @ mochaML- Most definitely right! The brushes are pretty nice though i like their flexibility

    @ pinkcupcakez- thanks girl for the info, i'll check it out!

    @ moptop - thanks girly!! Their kabuki brush as well as their other brushes are pretty nice! you should def. check it out before that coupon expires!

  10. I love the Studio line, I'm so jealous you got them for 50% of!!

    & thanx for your comment <3

  11. you look so gorgeous in all your photos ^_^ and awesome haul. I want to buy their brushes next time :)

    thanks for stopping by and commenting. Have a great weekend.

  12. oh lordi loev elf.
    you ot some amazingggg stufff.
    i just bought some things today and it only cost 3 bucks!
    so amazing.

  13. you look great!!! and elf is awesome!!

  14. Great review!!! I think I will buy a lipstain next time because I would love to try it.

  15. just came over to say hello from the facebook group! great pictures and haul. :D
    will follow,please follow me too!