Thursday, April 15, 2010

Mini Haul - Ulta & CVS

Hey ladies,

I have a small haul to share with you all. I had a 20 percent off coupon for Ulta, so I here are just a few of the things I got last week. I didn't really see too much that I wanted (surprisingly) probably because I have been trying to limit my spending lately. I actually got the HiP cream liners from CVS, they were all on clearance for five dollars each (yay)! I previously had their black cream liner but it's a few months old so now it's not as creamy as it was before, so I figured why not get a new one while it's on sale... I also picked up the shade "eggplant" which I am loving as well.

Here are the two lipsticks I picked up at Ulta; Revlon's Soft Nude, and Revlon's Paparazzi Pink. I LOVE Soft Nude. I urge you to go get this if you are a fan of nude tones. In the past I stayed away from nudes because I felt like they would make my lips look ashy against my tan skin.... but this one is perfect, love it. Paparazzi Pink applies quite sheer, it's not my favorite, but I'll still use it. I think it would be great for anyone who has naturally pink undertones in their lips.

I decided to try a new mascara, for the longest time I have been stuck on Cover Girl Lash Blast. But I saw Rimmel's Sexy Curves was cheaper and I liked the packaging so.. .why not, right? I love this mascara! It really does seem to curl my lashes as well as lengthen and thicken. A+ from me.

If you have tried these cream liners before, you probably already know how great they are. They are easy to apply, versatile use, nice creamy texture, and there are a variety of shades to chose from! I was hesitant to get the eggplant shade because I thought purple? I'm not going to use that much, right? But actually it's such a deep purple (which makes sense when I think of an eggplant)it can be worn for day or night without looking silly.

Well that's all for now!
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  1. ohhhh i love that revlon color. beautyyyy. <3

  2. Luv, luv the colors! I have a question for you? What do you put on as a top coat for your nails, because my polish ALWAYS chips the next day.

  3. I've been eyeing that eggplant liner for some time now-I think it's so pretty! Rimmel's mascaras have such cute packaging, I would have gone with it too lol

  4. I like Soft Nude! That Revlon line has some really pretty colors right now, I need to grab a few things. I may pick up that mascara also. I have never been a fan of Rimmel mascaras but I've heard some good things about that one.

  5. the cream eyeliners look really nice. i'll have to put this on my list :)

    btw i like your blog and im now following :)
    take care. ciao!

  6. The mascara brush looks really cool, glad you like it! And i've always wanted to try the cream liners too. Great post, i've added your site to my blogroll xo

  7. Great mini haul! Ive been wanting to try out that mascara, just waiting for my cg lashblast to finish up. I love soft nude also!

  8. Soft nude is very pretty. Looks gorgeous on you :)

  9. I didn't like Soft Nude and took it right back the next day! LOL! Reminds me of MAC Creme d'nude & that has to be worked to look right on me. Definitely not a shade for darker skin. lol

  10. thanks everyone!

    @encourage&uplift - honestly my nails are chipped right now, lol. I don't really have a specific top coat I use... sometimes I don't even use one. I think it depends on the polish too, China Glaze always chips on my nails faster than OPI(my favorite). I do have OPI natural base... you can try that... or I have seen a few people use Seche Vite fast drying top coat and it supposedly works very well.

    Ann - You def. should! And usually I end up being disappointed by anything but lash blast but I am really liking this sexy curves.... it doesnt thicken as much as my LB but its still nice.

    gasai - thank you! will check out yours too.

    makeup majesty- awwh! thanks! I don't have a blogroll may have to look into that :)

    rai - lol! awh. well I have always been skeptical about nudes because i have tan skin... I always thought nudes would look odd on my skin color, but I may try out a few more after loving this one so much.

  11. i'm gonna have to try soft nude now!!

    come check out and follow my fashion blog!

  12. Great haul! I'm mad they weren't on clearance at my CVS :(

    I bought the mascara for like $4 at walgreens a couple weeks ago (still haven't opened it b/c they go bad so fast and I have 2 open mascara's already, lol.

    I bought soft nude a while back and returned it (unopened) b/c I have enough nudes in my life, haha. The pink is cute!

  13. that really is a gorgeous nude!

  14. Hey girl! After reading your comment, I was looking for you in my blog list and realized I wasn't following you! But now I am :) Love your blog!!! And your daughter is so adorable! I think Soft nude looks great on you. I am kind of picky about smells, my nose picks up the faintest smell lol I love the pink lipstick that you picked up, I wonder I could pull it off though. Maybe I'll give it a shot! ;)

  15. @ j-ezzy- lol, awhh. that was the first time i ever saw them on sale, usually they just have their eyeshadows for sale! I know what you mean about mascaras... I'm really careful about not buying even one when I already have a good one.. guess I'm kinda cheap!!

    @ebru - thanks for following! I love your blog as well :) and thank you for the compliments!! Hehe. It did have a faint smell! I guess your right if you are sensitive to smells I could see noticing it.

  16. Love the Revlon nude lippy! Thanks for sharing, will def go and buy now. :D