Monday, April 19, 2010

Essence Cosmetics Review!

Hey ladies!

I have a haul from Essence Cosmetics I wanted to share, I've had this stuff for about a month now... at first I wasn't going to include it on my blog because I was unsure how I felt about all of it, but.... ! I wanted to go ahead and show you all, just in case you run across this brand and are wondering about the quality or you haven't heard or seen anything from this brand, and may want to check it out yourself.

Recently Essence Cosmetics became available at Ulta; I saw Miss Natty blog about this brand, and that was the first time I had heard of them.

I picked up a pair of eyelashes (99 cents), 3 eyeshadow quads (2.99 each?), and three eyeliners (99 cents each).

This quad is "Aqua Flash"

"Sixties Reloaded"
"Sooo Cool"

The black one is a felt tip liquid liner, it reminds me of a sharpie...

Eyeshadow Quads Pros & Cons:
+OK pigmentation
+Pretty Colors
-Can be chalky
-Easy to blend away the color

Eyeliners: After swatching them on my wrist, my wrist got a little red and itchy :/ So i haven't used them on my eyes. I will say the lilac and grey ones seem like they would tug at your eye.

Lashes: Haven't used these yet, but I couldn't resist the cute packaging!

Wearing colors from the quad "Sooo Cool"

Overall ... I would say try out these if you are just looking for some inexpensive shadows/cosmetics with OK quality to play around with. They have a variety of things and colors to choose from. They also sell single shadows, not sure if they are any different.

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  1. You look beautiful! Luv the hair and the make up and the outfit.

  2. I've seen the Essence stuff at Ulta and nothing really caught my eye, but that eyeshadow quad looks SO FAB on you! You seriously are so gorgeous! I did wanna try their brow gel out since it was cheap though- and I think I saw some nail art stuff that looked cool also :)

  3. For some reason, the lashes packaging kinda creeps me out. Lol. Out of the three quads, I can tell that I would despise Sixties Reloaded. The pastel colors look chalky and less pigmented.

    You did a great look with Sooo Cool, though. You are so naturally pretty. :)

  4. Hello!
    Essence has great products for the prize! You just have to choose right ;) Maybe you would like to take a look at my reviews (a have quite a few)

  5. You're such a doll! Love the look :) I have been wanting to try this brand, and now that I have seen your swatches I may just go and get them! I especially love the pinks/purples, too pretty!

  6. U look really pretty and your hair looks so nice and healthy. Question are wearing a dress or is it just a tank top?

  7. thanks everyone!

    @caitlin- thanks! I think they did have some pretty nail gems.... I'm not big into my nails though truthfully, but i'm sure its cheap so maybe you should look into that!

    @fifi - yeah... I would say that is one of the biggest problems I found was that they are chalky therefore easily blended away... but the colors I am wearing from the "sooo cool" went on easily pigmented the only thing was I had to keep adding color after I blended.

    @ebru - thanks girly! You should! They are pretty cheap... the only thing is that you have to be more careful applying them and it may take a little more to build up color.. but for 2.99, some won't care!

    @amandita- thanks! It's kinda both lol. some would wear it as a dress, but I have long legs so I personally wear shorts underneath.

  8. what pretty pictures! I haven't seen this brand yet but it seems okay for the price judging from your swatches,I may have to check them out.

  9. The colors look nice on you. Never heard of Essence though. Thanks for the review

  10. Gorgeous look. Thanks for sharing. How is the wear time for Essence?

  11. You look really pretty and your hair is so long + healthy! Ooooh I wanna try that felt pen liner. Looks perfect to achieve that 'wing-out' look.