Wednesday, November 24, 2010

In the mail today. . . ♥

So today I had a nice gift in the mail waiting for me when I got home. My sister bought me two new pairs of jeans, one are by Seven for All Mankind and the second pair are by Citizens of Humanity.

Nothing compares to a good pair of jeans when it comes to clothes. You can buy your tops from just about anywhere, but a good pair of quality jeans that have a nice fit are hard to find (if you want to spend cheap that is). I believe my sister got both of these pairs at some kind of outlet store a few days ago in Oklahoma city.

^_^So here are my new jeans... of course I tried them on as soon as I ripped the box open ~

Have you ever tried either of these designer jean brands? I'm loving them, the denim is great quality and gives perfect fit.


  1. Those jeans look sexy on you! :) I like how the perfect pockets can make your bum look good!

  2. Oh I need to get some nice new jeans. A good pair is definitely a solid investment. I've tried 7s and love them! Rock & Republic are my fave brand, I've yet to try Citizens. That was nice of your sis to send you those.