Sunday, December 12, 2010

Coastal Scents 88 Warm Palette Review/Swatches

During Coastal Scent's Black Friday sale they offered 33% off of their entire site, so I got the item I had been wanting from them for the longest, the 88 Warm Palette. This palette is originally 24.50 USD, but with the discount I was able to get it for around that amount once shipping had been included. So basically it was like I got it shipped for free.

What Coastal Scents says:

A true favorite whether your a professional or a novice, this set provides matte, shimmer, smokey shades and neutral shadows. The huge plus about this palette set is that it has been created in a way that all skin tones can will be a able to apply multiple fashion looks. We have combined matte with shimmer and pearls, there are 42 matte shades, the rest are shimmer/pearl.

Colors contained are in Silver blues, camo greens, earthy peach and stone, rich plums and so many shades of brown (everyone's favorite!) There are plenty of highlight colors for below the brow line and inner eye that will work with any look you create.

What I say:

Overall, I really love this palette. For starters there are some colors in there I really love which are the plums and peach toned shadows. I think that the silvery blues are unique and nice to have as well. There are SO many browns, you probably will never run out of a brown eyeshadow if you own this palette (nice matte browns to fill your brows with!). With that being said you probably will also never run out of a highlight shade. That was one thing I was a little disappointed about with this palette, the fact that there are SO many highlights, I feel like some of those shades could have been replaced with more warm toned shadows...olives...bronze shades... gold shades... etc. Seriously, how many highlights do you possibly need? But oh well, like I said that was a con and pro, if that makes sense. I feel like this palette is great for work, school, and everyday natural looks. It's great to use if your lazy one day and just want to quickly apply a pretty neutral all over your lid. I've been doing that quite often since I got this palette. The shipping from Coastal Scents was pretty fast, I think it took maybe 5 days? So that was definitely a pro.

Is it worth getting if you don't have it?!
I'd say so. Although there are more browns and highlights than you will ever need, there are a lot of great colors too. I do suggest using some type of base!! Some colors are a little on the chalky side, but I'd say overall most of them had a nice finish.


Sorry but I didn't swatch all 88 colors... however, I did a few swatches just in case anyone was interested. These are just to give you a general idea of some of the colors and their finishes, no primer was used, I was too lazy to go grab it ;)

(below) Sorry i couldn't get the picture on the left to rotate; basically I just used one color for my lid and crease and then added some falsies, my eyeliner had kinda started to fade by the time I took the picture. On the right I used the silvers and dark greys to create a smokey eye with a sharp edge. Looked better in person.

I hope you all had a great weekend!


  1. What a great palette & at such a good steal! You're right. The TooFace palette only comes with 1 applicator and it's dual end. Girl, you know your stuff. :)

  2. Awwww, i love this palette now! great review! and you are rocking those eyeshadows!

  3. I cant wait to get this!! Great swatches! Thanks so much! :]

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    Okay but foreal. I crossed in 2008 at Pi Psi in South Atlantic Region. Im now apart of Gamma Theta Omega, Tampa FL (Carolyn H. Steward home) how about u?