Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Weekend Recap

Hey ladies.

I hope everyone had a great weekend, and Monday! This past weekend was pretty much a girls getaway weekend for me. I visited one of my friend's who lives in a city near me and we went out to a very nice little restaurant/dance club. It was the kinda atmosphere that makes you feel good just being there. Dimmed lights, old movie playing on a big screen, DJ playing all your favorite songs, candle lit tables and booths, dance floor, great food and drinks. So needless to say we had a great night talking, eating, and dancing!

The next day followed up with visiting the State Fair (NC). All of you know about the fair and the wonderful joys it entails I'm sure. Turkey legs, candy apples, freshly squeezed lemonade, funnel cakes, Philly cheese steaks ... ok enough of the food.. haha, rides, animals, crafts, pig races, very strange things to see most of them being a hoax (mermaid girl, rabbit with two heads, etc.).

I loved my weekend, here are some pictures I was able to snap ! :)

Tried to self-portrait my outfit! haha.

My friend and her hubby had just got a new kitten that day!

Us at the amazing restaurant/dance place

Fratira's dinner, Greens, Mashed potatoes, and Filet Mignon... Delicious!

Wings, they were soooo good!

Yummy Mixed Drinks

At Cracker Barrel for breakfast

exactly what I was talking about when I said seeing different things at the fair. . . this lady didn't look happy at all to be in there... but then again I can understand why. I honestly only wanted to see cause I thought it was fake (actually wasn't though). Still not sure If i believe she IS actually the smallest woman in the world . . .

So I hope you enjoyed my post, Until next time


  1. Thank you for your comment pretty lady!
    That kitty is sooo cute & I miss cracker and barrel I went there once when I visited the States....yum.

  2. You look beautiful! Gotta love the fair and cracker barrel!

  3. i definetly need a girls weekend also! i miss hanging with my friends :( were all so busy with school. looked like you had lots of fun! you looked gorgeous :)

  4. You have beautiful features! Very beautiful lady!

  5. Sweet pics,,, I love the pics when you have your hair curly and omg your little kitten is just adorable =)

  6. Eeeeeek that kitten is SOOO cute!
    And you look gorgeous!
    Worlds Smallest Woman? I didn't think they still had freak shows today :*( Thats sad she didn't look happy.

  7. GORGEOUS photos, you are so pretty! What kind of lip gloss do you use? It looks so nice!

    That GOOD GOOD Blog

  8. thanks everyone!

    @ kimmy - yeah it is sad! I felt really bad for her after wards and that ppl use things like that to make money.

    @ dee - I think in these photos I had on NYX Tea Rose lipstick? and NYX Smokey Look LG

  9. State Fairs are always super fun!!! I love your jacket in the first photo. It looks very nice on you!

  10. lovely post! that jacket looks rli cute :) x

  11. I must say, I love marching band jackets! I have one of my own! :) This looks great on you. :)

    I just ate the wings at Yoshinoya last night. What you ate looks delicious! :)

  12. Your hair is AMAZING!! I love it curly like that :) it looks like you had lots of fun! and those wings look so yummy xo

  13. @ toni - thanks! lol i never thought of it as a marching band jacket until now, that fits! haha

    @caitlin - thank you! guess you can't go wrong with natural curls right lol.