Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Urban Decay Book of Shadows lll

Hello Dolls.

I have ton's of things to post about, but I'd like to start with the most exciting (to me anyways) my newest edition to my makeup collection - the Urban Decay book of Shadows III! Yay!! I finally got got one of these palettes, it is my first book of shadows I've gotten my hands on. . . all thanks to my lovely sister. She gave it to me as a gift for my birthday - I turned 23 Yesterday! And.... my little girl turned 1 years old this past Saturday! (Pictures soon) Time flies!!!

Onto the palette -

Beautiful detailing - This is a LE item so if you want it, hurry! Cost: $54 USD

The mirror actually has two little lights on each side! You can't tell from the pictures though.

I think I need to adjust my camera settings because this picture(s) do these colors NO justice. They are so POW in your face *haha* in real life. This picture however is making them look a little too dull!

I'm sure you didn't have to guess these colors would be very vibrant and pigmented!

Beautiful gift box =)

When you look at this palette it's hard not to see the infinite possibilities of looks just waiting for you to create! I think Urban Decay is known for their bold beautiful colors. This palette definitely doesn't leave you wanting more because it includes great colors, two 24/7 glide on pencils (Ransom (beautiful purple) and Zero (Black), Mini UDPP, and a mirror! The only thing you do need that is not included is of course, eyeshadow brushes.

Look forward to me doing looks using this palette in upcoming posts!

Did you get this palette, if so what do you think?


Look for a Falsies giveaway in my next post! I was contacted by a PR and sent False lashes to give away ages ago, so I really want to get that up for you all!


  1. Hey darling! Glad to see you blogging again. I was wondering where you went. Haha! Happy Belated Birthday hun. I am loving that palette. I must get my hands on one.

  2. What a great birthday gift! Happy belated to you and your daughter =]

  3. Welcome back, I was wondering about you LOL. Its ok, you have school & a daugher & a life to live. Sweet of your sister to get you this. I wanted it because of it's so colorful but I don't really play with color..hmm maybe. I do have a $5 off coupon from Ulta. I really want the Naked palette instead. Happy Belated birthday! Hope you post but whenever..just don't leave blogger for good k? =)

  4. Belated Happy Bday girl! That is such a pretty palette! So nice of your sister! :D

  5. I am so happy you are back and happy belated birthday to you and your cute little daughter

  6. i got this palette about 2 weeks and i havent even swatched it, im thinking of doing a giveaway, and including the book of shadows, but im not sure yet

  7. NEW FOLLOWER! Your little girl is ADORABLE! I know you already know that tho!! =) Please follow my blog as well!

  8. OMG so cuuuute. That facial masks really work? There's nothing like making new friends, and this is what I love the most here on blogger. Want to check on my blog ? I think we could follow each other, it would be so much fun, oh and perhaps if you have twitter you can add me too or facebook . What do you think? I would be so glad. Love, Jo

  9. Hot colors! N your baby is gorgeoussss

  10. Omgodness, the packaging is sooo URBAN DECAY what can I say I just love it... and the colors are just so nice... wow u are lucky girl =)

  11. What a great gift to receive- Happy belated birthday to you and your daughter.

  12. Thanks everyone!!!!

    @Molly - Well if you don't play a lot with colors, which I don't either really, I would def. say get the Naked palette... it's on my wish list as well! I've seen sooo many good reviews on it, and it stay's out of stock!

  13. Ahhh, what a gorgeous palette! I swear, UD is trying to kill me. How can they release so many cute palettes so quickly...and you know they sell like mad! I'm still trying to get my paws on the NAKED! lol And now I need this one too! lol