Saturday, June 12, 2010

MAC Coral Crepe Paint Pot - Massive Update


So I have been away from blogging for what feel's like forever, but I'm back, and hopefully will have more great posts to share with everyone.


So over the past few weeks I actually have been up to quite a bit! I went to visit my sister who is in the Air Force stationed in Enid OK. It was my first trip flying by myself so I was pretty nervous... I'm not big on traveling by airplanes. I flew into Dallas TX, and then Wichita Falls Kansas, from there my sister picked me up and we drove up to OK. The occasion was my sister was going to find out her next assignment, and she actually got her first choice which was to fly KC-135's and be stationed in Hawaii, so happy for her! Over the course of the weekend we drove back down to Dallas and spent the day at Six Flags Hurricane Horror Water park and I got the chance to see Downtown Dallas as well as it's night life. The next day in Dallas we went to The Galleria (Mall) which is by far the most AMAZING MALL I have been to. They have every store you could imagine... we only covered about 1/3 of the mall in the time we were there and that was about 4 hours! Unfortunately I forgot to pack my camera for the trip :(

On to Beauty

I recently purchased MAC's Coral Crepe Paint Pot.
I absolutely am loving ittttt! It's such a beautiful coral color with hint's of shimmer. it's going to look great with a look incorporated with some neutrals! This is my first paint pot and I can tell it's going to be an amazing base amazing base and added piece to my little collection. I can also tell that it's going to have to be removed with a makeup remover, water won't do the trick. It stained my wrist a little yesterday when I swatched it.

Summer Day's...

Lately me and Kailei have been hittin' up the pool with my friend Ashley and her son Tysin! I've been enjoying soaking up the sun's ray's and then cooling off in the water with my little girl. It's so much fun to play with her in the water and watch her reactions -- she loves it!! She is scooting herself forwards now as well as pulling herself up!! >:o I can hardly believe she will be 1 year's old in four more months!~

I painted my nails the other day.... OPI's You Don't Know Jacques. Excuse the sloppiness. I also found my one of my favorite rings that I thought I was lost and gone, it's a beautiful snake ring by Guess I bought a couple of years ago.

Kailei at the pool!

Kailei and her boyfriend Tysin, hehe :)

She loved the pool Stairs!

Chillin' in her floatie and sun hat!


  1. aww she looks so cute in her sun hat. I'm loving the nail polish color very beautiful.

  2. The Coral Crepe Paint Pot looks reaallly pretty! Could you do a look with it incorporated? I'm in the market to get my first 2 paint pots! =)

    You Don't know Jacques is my fav OPI polish color!!

    Kailei is sooo adorable! Especially with her floatie and cute lil summer hat. I just want to pinch her cheecks! hehehehe

    ♥ NYCSh0paholic's Fabulous Blog ♥

  3. Welcome back! Your baby is so cute!

  4. Kailei soo cute. and lucky you found your snake ring again =)

  5. Glad you're back, I've been debating picking up that paint pot so I'll be anxious to hear how you like it. Kailei is adorable!

  6. She could be such a baby model! I'm not big on flying either- the ring is fab

  7. I havent tried the mac creams yet :O I am loving this grey nail polish I must get some. Kailei is sooooo adroable <3 First time I have come across your blog, its great! Truly! All the best. <3 Keep in touch KimboxKimboxKimbox

  8. what a cutie pie!!!! I love the paint pot, I received mines a few weeks ago and love it :) I'm super oily so it's not a primer for me :( I need to use a primer underneath it! I have wanted that nail polish for like, ever!! Love it! I loves your ring! I love finding lost loves!

  9. Thanks everyone!!!

    I will do a look incorporating Coral Crepe Paint pot soon!

    @Janine - I have oily lid's at times too so i will most likely use another primer underneath just to be on the safe side! haha

  10. Kailei's boyfriend is so cute! awww hehe and I love her little hat! Babies are so much fun in the pool :) and I love your nailpolish, such a cute color!

  11. Welcome back! Kailei + her boyfriend make quite the cute couple ;)

  12. I've been wanting to get myself a coral paint pot for some time now.... Your baby girl is gorgeous!!