Tuesday, May 4, 2010

finally! Coastal Scents 42 Double Stack Shimmer Palette Review & Swatches!

Hey ladies!
So I'm back for another palette haul/review. This time it's for the Coastal Scents 42 Double stack shimmer palette. I actually bought this from a blog sale that UmaPreve was having. I was so ecstatic that I was first to ask for it. You know how you see blog sales and go to look and your like oooo I want that, but then you see in the comments someone(s) already has requested it! Boo.
She was actually moving and couldn't take a few of her palette's a long, so I got this for a pretty good deal considering the Singaporean to USD conversion, I ended up paying $17 bucks USD (including shipping) Thats a great deal!


This palette comes with 32 beautiful shades of shimmer eye shadows and 10 blushes. This pigmentation of the colors are very nice. If you were to touch your hand to one of the shadows or blushes you would be wow'd at the color payoff you'll see! Love it. Not to mention the texture is nice and silky to the touch. I didn't notice any problem with these being chalky. The one con I found is that applying the shadows to get a good color payoff can be tricky. You definitely want to pull out your UDPP or whatever your base of choice is when working with the shadows. It also depends on the brush you use. If you have the ELF eyeshadow brush ($1) that will work great. They blend easily and keep in mind that this is the shimmer palette... but don't think that your going to get a glittery shadow that's hard to work with or overpowering shimmery look. You may want to pull out some matte shades from your collection when doing a look with these if you don't like your eyelid color, crease, and highlight to be shimmer obviously.

Uma had decorated her palettes, of course I didn't mind this! I love butterflies :)

The palette was sent to me almost brand new! Of course I have been putting my fingers/brushes in it though playing with the colors! :P

I love the blushes... this is a great way to add some new color blushes to your collection and try out a few different ones to see which shades work best for your skin tone. One of the shades can even double as a bronzer.

Overall, I would say these are worth checking out, they even have a 42 double stack matte palette... as well as other palettes. This is my first Coastal Scents palette (I know I'm late) and I'm very pleased with the quality of their cosmetics.

Lastly, I won a contest (second time winning on blogger, I won one a few weeks ago as well for Skin MD Lotion)! Que Linda recently held a $15 dollar MAC Gift card Giveaway, and (newly) lucky ole me won! Woohoo! Thanks So much Linda, make sure to check out her makeup blog!

I think I'll be using this towards MAC's To the Beach Summer 2010 Collection! What will you be getting from this collection?


  1. wow i LOVE how she decorated the palette with the butterflies. amazing !

  2. Wow great colors it looks like a great palette ( good prize too)... I love love the packaging... decorating your palettes its not a bad idea at all...

  3. i cant wait for the summer collection im getting just about everything

  4. The colours are so vibrant and fun :D What a great deal!

  5. What perfect timing to win a mac giftcard! There is so much I want from the to the beach collection, I'll have to narrow it down a little!

  6. I like how pigmented the blushes are but I feel like most of the shades are too light & wouldn't look too good with my skin tone :(

    Let me know when you receive the Skin MD lotion!

  7. Can't wait to see your tutorials from the collection, I love how vibrant the colors are.

  8. Brb, dying over the way she decorated her palette. IT'S SO CUTE.

  9. I really love the cover of the cover of that palette. It's so pretty

  10. Oooohhhh...I love that palette!

    Thanks for following :) I'm following you too!


  11. the palette looks really nice.. i have the manly pallette and it's awesome :)