Monday, July 12, 2010

Montagne Jeunesse Facial Masks

Just wanted to share a great product I love purchase from Ulta when I get the chance to...

Montagne Jeunesse facial masks... these little packets are amazing... the first one I tried was chocolate... it smells AMAZING the texture and smell actually kinda remind me of a whipped cake frosting... yummy right? If you are not a chocolate fan this would not be for you... the smell could be overwhelming to those who are sensitive to certain scents... but to me I loved it... which I didn't have to wash it off.

The face tonic mask as well as the anti stress mask were very nice as well... they both have nice scents... as well as a delightful cooling sensation.

They are reasonably priced at around $2-3 dollars each, not bad for a at home facial, huh?

Definitely try these if you get the chance!!

Having healthy skin isn't an option when your trying to get the best makeup application, so start with the right products. With clean moisturized skin, you can't go wrong!

Friday, July 9, 2010

I Like it Like That *

Hello all! Long time no post once again... I do apologize, I guess it's the summer heat that has gotten me into a little bit of a lazy mood. But I do have some more post's planned in the near future of products I recently purchased, look's, and a giveaway! So hopefully I'll have a couple up within the next few days!

On to what this post is about, as you can tell by the title "I Like it Like That" it's going to be about MAC's new In the Groove collection.

The MAC counter I went to was already sold out of Stereo Rose, the one item I guess was super hyped, so everyone made sure to pre order, therefore I wasn't able to get my hands on it. I am however happy with what I did get, not sure if I'll go back for more from the collection yet or not.

So the two items I picked up yesterday were of course the lipstick "I like it like that" and "Chillin" lipgloss, both are creemsheens.

I loooooveeee the shade of the lipstick. I saw "Jazzed" (one I know a lot of you are likely to pick) but I choose to lean more towards the lilac tone. The formula of course is so creamy and smooth goes on perfect, and the color is BEAUTIFUL! If you can get your hand's on this do it while you still have a chance.

"Chillin" was actually purchased by my sister for me, I wasn't going to buy it right away, but it was super sweet of her to go ahead and get it for me :) The MUA who worked with me said it's perfect for toning down pinks, purples, red's etc.

(me wearing my new lippies)

What did you or do you plan to get from this collection??